About Me

 Hello Guys..

My name is Rahul Prasad. I am a Senior Software Engineer interested in sharing my work experience, as i consider myself a Tech Enthusiast.

This Blog will serve the purpose of a notebook of my work and technical interests. Which I write here while Working as Mobile application developer and System administration. 

you may find helpful insights which i came across while working on certain projects and i hope sharing my learning’s will help others.

I am very much interested in computers and in understanding how things work. I have been into programming since graduation and going through many different programming languages such as Java, Python, C, Android and various Scripting Languages like Bash, Perl, AWK etc..

Apart from my work and Tech experience, I have Masters in Mobile computing & wireless Technology and Bachelors in Electronics & communications.

At present i am working with Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, I have been developing my skills and gaining knowledge in the field of mobile technology. My work interests are Linux,Java, Android, Python Web Development, Database Administration, Systems programming, Ruby,Clojure etc..

I believe sharing is caring so always open to connect, write me @

prasad_rahul [at] yahoo.co.in

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